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When it comes to old fashioned quality service at
a price you can afford, your hometown company
can't be beat. Founded in 1995 by Tim &  Michelle
Mitchell of Dunnellon, Dunnellon Termite &  Pest
Control provides quality annual termite and pest
control services for the residents of Alachua,
Lake, Marion, Citrus and Levy Counties.
Committed To Excellence
Our Annual Pest Control :
A system of low or non odor liquid, baits and repellents
applied to the interior, exterior and attic of your home.
Designed to eliminate any insect activity inside, while
preventing outdoor insects from entering your home,
our annual service is guaranteed to protect your home
ants, roaches, spiders, silverfish, scorpions &  
fleas for the entire year. Should additional service be
needed during the year, there is absolutely no
additional charge.
Call today and find out how we can
affordably protect your home.
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about our annual pest control service.
Our Subterranean Termite Control : Termites
In Florida, subterranean termites are simply a fact of
life. Living in a colony under ground as deep as
twenty feet, they build networks of tunnels out of soil
and mastecated wood, which they travel through in
search of root systems, tree stumps, tree limbs, or
any wood debri. Once a food source is found,
termites begin breaking down the wood and carrying
it  through the tunnels to feed the colony under
ground. While this is beneficial in nature, it can be
very destructive when it comes to our homes.
Termites will typically travel down the foundation wall
below the surface of the soil looking for stress cracks
in the blocks or any openings in the wall, such as
water or sewer lines. Once inside they begin to break
down the wood of our baseboards, doorframes,
mouldings or studwork and carry it through the
tunnels to the colony under ground. At Dunnellon
Termite & Pest Control we create a  barrier, using
Termidor Termiticide, between your home and the
colony under ground at the foundation in order to
prevent termites from finding their way into your
home, as well as stopping any above ground on their
way back to the colony. Once treated, your home is
protected with an annually  renewable termite
Call today for a free inspection and estimate.
Tim &  Michelle Mitchell of Dunnellon and
Treating the foundation trench with
Termidor Termiticide.
Drilling the block voids in preparation
to treat with
Neatly patching the treatment holes with
good old fashioned cement.
Dunnellon : Home of the beautiful Rainbow
River and home of Dunnellon Termite & Pest
The Mitchells with Cassie.
FAQs :
1. Tell me about your CPO. Where did he gain his experience & training?
A. 1. Our Certified Pest Control Operater is also our founder and owner Tim Mitchell. Tim got his start in the pest
control business in January of 1990, with a Sears Authorized Pest Control company out of Orlando called All America
Termite & Pest Control. While there he served in various positions such as General Household Pest Control  & Termite
Service Technician, Termite Service Supervisor, Branch Supervisor and Branch Manager as well as CPO for the Citrus
County operation. In 1994 Tim passed the Fla. State Examination for Certified Pest Contol Operator under the categories
of General Household Pest and Rodent Control & Termite Control, he then became the CPO for the Inverness Branch
office for All America Termite & Pest Control. In 1995, with several years experience behind him, Tim started Dunnellon
Termite & Pest Contol in his hometown of Dunnellon, which he and his wife Michelle operate together. Tim is also a
homeschooling father of eight, a 1985 graduate of the United States Army Military Police Academy, an Honorably
Discharged Veteran and former president of the Academy of Biblical Character Development Christian School, he also
holds a Private Pilot Certificate with the Federal Aviation Administration and is working on an Instrument Rating.
2. How much will it cost to treat my home? A. The cost for our yearly pest control is based upon the size of your home
in square footage. The cost of a termite control service is based upon two things : First, the foundation type, ie.
monolithic, supported, floating, or crawl space. Second, the linear or perimeter footage. We use a price list to govern our
pricing so that everyone is treated fairly.
3. Do you accept credit card payment? A. Yes, we are set up to accept Visa, Master Card and Discover Cards.
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